Adventures of Lego Minecraft is a five part series about a Micro Mob called Steve who is teleported to the Minifigure World via a mysterious portal. In the Minifigure World, he is
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accompanied by a Crafter, and Knight, and a Viking on an adventure while being hunted by Herobrine.

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Steve is teleported to a world inhabited by Minifigures when he activates a portal. In that world, he meets three new friends and they will have to stop Herobrine from dominating the Minifigure World using the Link Portal.




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Removed Part 6Edit

Some of the fifth part of the story was originally meant to be part of the sixth part of the series, until the finale was just made into the fifth part.

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Deleted SceneEdit

There is at least one known deleted scene, which involves Creepers surrounding somebody near the Chunk.



  • Lamps can be seen briefly when the Link Portal is activated.
  • Herobrine and Steve's faces are never seen at the same time due to them using the same mouth piece, which is the reason why Herobrine had no mouth in the first part and why he wasn't entirely seen in the second part.
  • The Zombie that Steve kills at the montage at the end of the fifth part's head goes blank for a single frame.