BR-4153 is a flametrooper. He is one of the main characters of Stormtrooper Brickfilm - The series. He dies in the episode 4.


He uses a D-93 Incinerator. In the episode 1, he and his 2 companions are stuck on Jakku. At the end of the episode, he is deliver by Captain Phasma and other stormtroopers.


BR-4153 nicknamed "Braise" in French can be renamed EM-8340, nicknamed Ember in English. He was based has a member of the Prison's Squad. He was one of the prison guards alongside FN-1907 and Harper. Some months before the Force Awakens, he is sent to an other squad. In this squad there are FN-1907 and an other stromtrooper : FN-2016. Their first mission is the attack of Tuanul.


He is stubborn but always he takes the good decision. During his first meeting with BC-6, he almost had a battle of flamethrower there. After he is the friend of BC-6. He use a long rifle on Jakku with the resistance villager.



- Episode 1 Season 1 - The crash (Le crash)

- Episode 2 Season 1 - The ice (La glace)

- Episode 3 Season 1 - Best moments (Meilleurs Moments)