In Adventures of Lego MineCraft, Steve befriends a Crafter minifigure who aids him in stopping Herobrine from

The Crafter

conquering the Minifigure World. He has appeared in some of his creator's previous animations, but has not played a major role in any of them and most of them were comedic.

Role in Adventures of Lego Minecraft Edit

He first appears after saving Steve from a force of Creepers. Afterwards, they take refuge in his house from the explosions from the attacking Creepers. After they leave, they find a Viking and a Knight mining The Chunk from the Minecraft World that he seems to be acquainted with. Him along with the others are then attacked by the Ender Dragon and afterwards a Creeper army. They run to an abandoned castle and stay there for the night, until they are attacked by Creepers and him along with the other minifigures are kidnapped by Herobrine.

They are freed when Steve and an Iron Golem attack Herobrine's fortress and they join in the battle. When Steve is confronted by Herobrine on the soon-to-explode Chunk, he tackles Herobrine and urges Steve to save himself. He is then killed along with Herobrine in the massive explosion that followed. The remaining team built a grave for him and put with cap on it while Steve puts a flat green tile in front of his house, which later grows into a plant.


The Crafter wears orange pants with a gray waist and a blue jacket topping a white shirt. The jacket has two orange stripes on the top and bottom and two pockets, one with a red pen in it. He carries around a brown backpack with a brown sleeping bag rested on the top of it. He has yellow skin like the other characters in the film (excluding Steve and Herobrine) and wears a black skull-cap.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

The Crafter is a skilled fighter and is very strong in some aspects, which is shown when he picks up a stone block to hit a Skeleton. Early in the film he also hits a Creeper with a hammer causing it to fly into the air and explode.


Not much can be told about the Crafter due to there not being any dialogue in the film, but it can be told that he is a very courageous and caring person, saving Steve's life three times and sacrificing himself to save him the third time.