The Crazy scientist is an old Shistavanen[1]. He is the villain of the episode 2 of Stormtrooper Brickfilm - The series.



About 15 years before The Force awakens, his ship was spat on the Starkiller base with a cargo of spares and explosive. He attended (spying) the consctrution of the ultimate weapon of the first order. Before being stuck on Starkiller he had worked with the rebel alliance. He decided to destroy the base before it is used. Excluding building a big enough bomb was too long and was completed shortly before the destruction of Hosnian Prime. But FN-1907 and his companions found by accident his subterranean base.

He captures FN-1907 and uses the stormtrooper to find out when the First Order will arrest him. During the rescue mission , he confronts FN-2016 with a fake lightsaber. He win and he goes to kill FL-0605 and FN-1907. He uses his lightsaber to return fire FL-0605 and hurt him. He kills FL-0603 and will kill FN-1907 but BC-6 bearing down on him. The lightsaber is broken. After, he triggers the bomb, which explode all base subterranean ; he is killed a second front by FL-0605.



- Episode 2 Season 1 - The ice (La glace) Death