The Ender Dragon is the final boss of the popular sandbox video game Minecraft. He is encountered in the alternate world, "The
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The Ender Dragon in Adventures of Lego Minecraft

End", where he must be defeated to end the game. In Adventures of Lego MineCraft, he appears as a minion of Herobrine.

Role in Adventures of Lego MineCraftEdit

The Ender Dragon appears in the second part of the five part series where it is teleported from the Minecraft World into the Minifigure World to attack Steve and his acquaintances. It rips of the Viking's arm (which is later reattached) and the team flees from it and a small force of Creepers. In the fifth and final part of the series, the Ender Dragon is again summoned by Herobrine from the MineCraft World to attack Steve and the others. Steve, with the help of the Crafter, jumps on the Dragon and cuts its wing off and it crashes into The Chunk. It is then teleported away by Herobrine, leaving its fate unknown.


The Ender Dragon resembles the official LEGO version released in the set named "21107 The End", except that the design is fairly smoother and more intricate with more joints. It has no visible eyes, however.

The model used for the dragon in the film is articulated at the neck, feet, wings, and tail.