Herobrine is a popular fan-made Minecraft character and is portrayed as an evil version of the default player skin with

Herobrine scares Steve



Base of Operations



lego minecraft Steve vs the Herobrine

First Appearance

lego minecraft Steve vs the Herobrine

the only difference being that he has no pupils in his eyes. He serves as the antagonist of lego minecraft Steve vs the Herobrine.

Role in Steve vs the HerobrineEdit

Herobrine first appears when Steve hears a strange noise and traces it to a tree which he chops down to reveal Herobrine standing behind it, who then scares Steve by saying "Boo". This scares Steve, causing him to run back to his house to equip iron armor. He pulls out a sword to attack Herobrine outside his hut, but is punched back into his hut by Herobrine, who then subsequently blows it up with TNT. Steve retaliates by attacking Herobrine with a sword, but Herobrine teleports around, dodging attacks from Steve's sword and bow, until Steve knocks him into a river of lava in the side of a hill, where he sinks and is proclaimed dead by Steve, who celebrates his victory until a Creeper destroys his newly fixed house.