Indiana Scones is an unaltered Lego Indiana Jones minifigure used in Indiana Scones - The Quest for the Platinum Waffle, its sequel, and Box - The Epic Motion Picture. All of which, he is a protagonist in.

Indiana Scones
Indiana Scones as he appears in Quest for the Platinum Waffle

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Indiana Scones - The Quest for the Platinum WaffleEdit

He appears as the titular character. He ventures into the temple with Clubbins, his minions, and his sidekick. Later, Indy falls through a trap door and into catacombs where he fights skeletons and finds the waffle. When he escapes the temple which collapses after he steps on a self destruct button, he is betrayed by Clubbins, who steals the waffle, but the day is saved by Indy's sidekick who beats up Clubbins and his minions, and Indy subsequently eats the waffle.

Box - The Epic Motion PictureEdit

Gretch used his teleportation machine to summon Indiana Scones for help against Milkman and Clubbins.

Appearances Edit