The Knight is the third protagonist of Adventures of Lego MineCraft who aids in
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stopping Herobrine alongside Steve, the Crafter, and a Viking.

Role in Adventures of Lego Minecraft Edit

The Knight first appears in the 2nd part, mining the Chunk until Herobrine appears and sends the Ender Dragon (followed by a group of Creepers) and they flee to an abandoned castle. It is then revealed that a long time before, the Knight fought an Evil King who had attacked the castle with a force of Skeletons and Orcs. He engaged the King in battle, which ended with him stabbing him with a knife and the King being forced to retreat. After the flashback, they reside in the castle for the night, until they are assaulted by Creepers and kidnapped while Steve escapes.

They are chained to a wall to witness Herobrine teleporting Creepers from the Minecraft World. They remain there until Steve arrives with an Iron Golem to free them. The Knight along with the rest engage in battling Herobrine's forces. The battle ends when the Viking destroys the Chunk with TNT and the Crafter sacrificing himself to save Steve. After constructing a tombstone for their friend, the Knight along with the Viking say their goodbyes to Steve as he leaves to return to his world.


  • The Knight seems to know and or be friends with the Crafter and the Viking.