LEGO Batman v Superman: Dawn of More Movies
Season 1, Episode 3
BatVSuper copy
Air date Jun 5, 2016
Written by Captainjackster
Directed by Captainjackster
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LEGO Batman: Bane
LEGO Batman V Superman: Dawn of More Movies is a 2016 brick film made after the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is the third episode in the LEGO Batman series, and the first episode in the LEGO Superman series. It was made Captainjackster of BrothersWaughStudios.

Synopsis Edit

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Appearances Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters


  • The Batmobile (First Appearance)
  • The TARDIS (First Appearance)

Easter Eggs Edit

  • The TARDIS can be seen in the background during Superman and Batman's fight.
  • The Doctor asks, "Why are you guys fighting? Don't you realize that worlds are colliding?" This is a reference to the big upcoming collaboration project between CaliBrothersStudios and BrothersWaughStudios, Worlds Collide.