Lego Lord of the Rings: Orcs is a film created by Brotherhood Workshop which shows the Orcs' true nature.

Aragorn killing the Orcs


The film begins with Frodo pulling out his glowing sword; Sting. Aragorn then tells him to run. Aragorn then walks forward to battle the Orcs. The Orcs then see that it is "Lord Aragorn" (a celebrity in other words) and begin to run towards him excitedly. One Orc then asks if Aragorn can sign his sword before he is killed by Aragorn. Back at Isengard in the Orc forge, an Orc is reading a magazine and commenting on the celebrity's unstability. The Orc sitting beside him then opens his laptop and sees if they have posted the names of the victims of the attack. The Orc then gasps and closes his laptop and states: "He killed poor Jerry!" and is then comforted by the Orc beside him.

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  • The part of Amon Hen seen when Aragorn walks over to confront the Orcs is actually a part of the Helm's Deep Lego set.
  • When the Orcs say "Its Lord Aragorn!", one can easily see that the rocks behind Aragorn are clay.
  • Even though there should only Uruk-Hai at the battle, one can spot Orcs amongst the crowd.
  • The two Orcs sitting at the table after the battle can also be seen in the midst of it.
  • Lurtz is present, although strangely, not in armor.
  • Clay can be seen on the Orc-holding-the-magazine's arm when he opens the magazine.
  • Lurtz can be seen in the background of the Orc forge, although in the movie he was killed in it.