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Milkman is the main antagonist in Box - The Epic Motion Picture. He creates robotic Box minions to rule the world. His arch enemy is Gretch.


Background Edit

He first appears monologuing his plan to take over the world with his Boxes. He is interupted by Clubbins, who informs him that Gretch has been destroying their Boxes again. He then comes up with a plan to destroy Gretch by luring him into the lair to save a chicken leg called "Betty" that was apparently stolen from him. Gretch arrives in the lair with Indiana Scones to save Betty. Milkman then opens a storage area containing a small army of boxes. It is unknown if his plan succeeded due to the cliffhanger at the end of the film.


Trivia Edit

  • Milkman appears in Matress Feuds despite him appearing almost an entire year later in Box - The Epic Motion Picture.
  • A few characters similar to him appear in some of Eanamation's films.

Appearances Edit