The Minecraft World is an alternate universe in Adventures of Lego MineCraft that

Steve, two Villagers and a Pig in a Village in the Minecraft World

is in the style of the popular sandbox video game, Minecraft, where the world is composed of blocks and the night is inhabited by hostile creatures. The inhabitants are Micro Mobs.

Geography Edit

The world is in the exact same style of Minecraft, meaning that there is a Nether, Villages, Deserts, large Oceans, Forests, Jungles, Desert Temples, and other such locations, but only a handful of these are seen due to the majory of Adventures of Lego MineCraft taking place in the Minifigure World.

Known InhabitantsEdit

Other inhabitants that are not seen or mentioned are: Horses, Wolves, Cats, Witches, Snow Golems, Skeletons (of the Minecraft World), Cows, Zombie Villagers, Bats, Slimes, Wither Skeletons, Blazes, The Wither, Magma Cubes, Ocelots, Sheep, Chicken, Squid, Mooshrooms, Cave Spiders, Spiders, Silverfish, Librarian Villagers, Priest Villagers, and Blacksmith Villagers.


  • The world is mostly composed out of the first three micro Minecraft sets.