The Stormtrooper are soldiers of the First Order. We see a lot as listed even though the main characters are Stormtrooper. We see in Stormtrooper Brickfilm - The series. Many of them are therefore unidentified.

  • The three main characters.
  • Three unidentified member of the squad.
  • The angry pilot.
  • The three old stormtrooper.
  • FL-4333 and three unidentified stormtrooper.
  • Captain Phasma, 4 unidentified and the three main characters.

The three main characters Edit

FN-1907 and BR-4153 were part of the Prison's Squad. After they are put in another squad with FN-2016. They are the three main characters during four episode (the four episode of the season 1). After the death of BR-4153, FL-4333 become a main character for to complete the group during 2 episodes.

FL-4333 and FL-0605Edit

FL-4333 is initially a stormtrooper contained not saying any sentence during the episode 1. After the death of BR-4153 he took his place in the stormtrooper's squad. FL-0605 is a snowtrooper who is on the Stakiller Base. In episode 2, he temporarily in the stormtrooper's squad. He died in episode 4 on D'Qar.


During the episode 1, 2 and 3 there were three captains (or commanders ) seen as extras. The first is the Snowtrooper Commander, he is seen 3 times : the first time in his office where he gave a mission to the three main characters, the second time when FN-2016 asked for reinforcements and told him to go in the hangar and the third time is in the attack of the subterranean base.

The second is a Snowtrooper captain, he is seen just just awhen the three main characters go into the forest where he speaks with FN-1907. The third captain is seen during souvenir of FN-1907 and FN-2016 at the General Hux's speech. In the episode 1 we see Captain Phasma than we shall review twice in the scene before the credits as contained.

Unidentified stormtrooperEdit