TNT is one of the many blocks from the sandbox based video game, Minecraft. Being sticks of dynamite formed into a block, they can be iginited with fire which will cause a large explosion, similar to that of a Creeper. In Lego Minecraft sets, they are simply built with a red 1x1 tile and a flat white 1x1 tile on top.


Stacks of TNT in AoLM

Appearances Edit

Adventures of Lego MineCraftEdit

In the fourth part of the series, a TNT block if first seen when Steve crafts it from the gunpowder of a dead Creeper. In part five, Steve uses a block to free his friends from a wall they were chained to by Herobrine. Steve then gives a large amount of TNT to the Viking to destroy The Chunk. After placing enough TNT to destroy it, the Viking ignites it with flint and steel and the Chunk is destroyed entirely by the explosion.