The Evil King is a character who appears in the Knight's flashback in Adventures of Lego MineCraft.
The evil king

The Evil King before disappearing

Role in Adventures of Lego MineCraft Edit

The king appears in the Knight's flashback, where is he is shown to have led a battalion of skeletons and orcs against a kingdom in the Minifigure World. During the battle against the Evil King's army, a Knight confronted him, and after the following sword fight, the king knocked the Knight's sword out of his hand, and before he could kill the Knight, he stabbed him with a knife and knocked him down. The king then picked up a mysterious scepter topped with a Portal Block and slammed the scepter on the ground, which resulted in a massive flash of white light.

Connection with HerobrineEdit

Many elements of the Adventures of Lego MineCraft go unexplained, and the Evil King is one of those elements. He may have some connection to Herobrine, the main antagonist of the film, or he may even be Herobrine for the following reasons:

  • Him and Herobrine seem to have the same ability to bring Skeletons to life, seeing as Herobrine brings one to life in the fourth part of AoLM, and skeletons are seen fighting on the Evil King's army.
  • The Evil King has a scepter topped with a portal block, an item that plays a major role in Herobrine's plan. These blocks teleport the user from the Minifigure World to the Minecraft World and vice versa. It is possible that the Evil King is Herobrine and became a Micro Mob by teleporting to the Minecraft World and wants to lead a new army to dominate that world.