The Magic Portal
The film's title card

Created by

Lindsay Fleay

Written by

Lindsay Fleay

Animated by

Lindsay Fleay

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The Magic Portal is a brickfilm that gained popularity for once being known as the first brcifkilm ever made, until En Rejse Til Manen (Journey to the Moon) and LEGO Wars were discovered. Unlike the previous two films, this one had a large budget and was developed over the course of five years. Due to copyright issues with the Lego group, it did not get a wide release. It was created by Lindsay Fleay in 1989.

Plot Edit

The plot centers on three "LEGOnauts" that discover a Magic Portal that links to other worlds.

Trivia/Errors Edit

  • Some clay is visible under character's feet when they walk on flat surfaces.
  • Two fingers are visible when Captain Paranoia is walking around after being flushed out of the white expanse.
  • When El, Pee, and the Plasticene run away from the Daleks, El and the Plasticene run behind a wire/pole. Pee heads for the pole until turning and running straight for the edge of the desk. Afterwards, he freezes in place.
  • A brick bearing the words "Lego" is briefly seen on the portal when El first encounters it.
  • According to some storyboards of the film, El is also known as Larry.