The Viking is one of the four main protagonists in Adventures of Lego MineCraft
where he aids Steve, the Crafter, and the Knight in defeating Herobrine.

Role in Adventures of Lego Minecraft Edit

The Viking first appears with the Knight mining the Chunk until they are attacked by the Ender Dragon and is arm is torn off. After they escape from the subsequent group of Creepers, Steve reattaches his arm when he becomes weary and falls down.

Afterwards, they take shelter in an abandoned castle, where they are then attacked by Creepers and then kidnapped and taken to the Chunk where they are chained to a wall to witness Herobrine using the Link Portal to send Creepers from the Minecraft World to their world. Steve then returns with an Iron Golem to free them. After destroying the wall they were chained to, Steve hands the Viking a block of TNT to destroy the Chunk.

The battle to stop Herobrine ends with the Chunk being blown up along with Herobrine and the Crafter, who sacrificed himself to save Steve from Herobrine. After creating a tombstone for their friend, the Viking with the Knight say their goodbyes to Steve as he returns to his world.


  • The head used for the Viking is a double sided head, and his Viking helmet doesn't cover the back side, meaning that his head had to be replaced every time he turned around. As a matter of fact, the other face can even be seen in certain parts.